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3 seamlessly merges tradition with digital innovation for Jewish communities, offering a platform that revolutionizes Torah and davening schedule management. offers a cost-effective, secure, and comprehensive solution for organizing Torah readings in Jewish communities. This cloud-based platform supports a variety of reading cycles and allows for extensive customization, including an interactive Tikkun for rehearsal. With a focus on security and ease of use, works seamlessly across all devices, promoting community participation by simplifying the coordination of service components and davening assignments.

  • Ease of Use

    Streamlined Experience!

    Our intuitive interface makes reserving readings effortless, requiring minimal training. Automation simplifies scheduling, freeing synagogue staff from administrative burdens.

  • Secure

    A Secure Place!

    Experience peace of mind with our secure registration process. Every member application undergoes approval by an administrator of your choosing within your organization.

  • Engage

    Boost Service Engagement

    Empower your members to reserve lay-led parts of the service. Create templates for various services, enabling quick and easy publication.

  • Communicate

    Stay in touch

    Emails and mobile notifications make sure that your members know when they have a scheduled assignment coming up. Email all your members directly from the system. is a revolutionary online platform designed to enhance the experience of learning and practicing Torah reading for individuals of all skill levels. Our website is uniquely positioned to serve a wide range of users, from beginners to advanced Torah readers, educators, and members of Jewish communities worldwide. offers an interactive experience that allows users to practice Torah reading with real-time feedback. This feature helps users improve their pronunciation, cantillation, and fluency in Torah reading.

A Scheduling Platform

Torah readers is a very flexible system supporting all possible reading scenarios. Define readings for full Kriyah or Triennial. Admins can add or subtract aliyot from the standard and define different readings.  Pre-assign specific readings to members. Define readings for Holidays, fast days and all special occasions.

System generated reports and charts show who has read what and when, who are your top readers, who is a first time reader. Members can review their past readings and track progress.

This system removes the overhead of managing schedules of readers.

Lets Daven! enriches prayer services by allowing users to sign up and lead specific parts of the service. It provides templates and a selection of prayers and roles, enabling synagogues to customize their services and encourage active participation from members in leading prayers. This feature fosters a more engaged and inclusive community worship experience.

Full recordings are available and even include a "Follow Along" feature whereby the word that is currently being played is highlighted on both sides of the text.

Tradition and Custom offers a comprehensive solution that captures the rich diversity of Torah reading traditions worldwide, including traditional, Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Conservative Triennial, and Reform schedules. This platform empowers users with the capability to personalize readings, enabling the addition or removal of aliyot and the creation of customized readings for specific dates, catering to the unique needs of each community and individual.

Torah readers was built from the ground up to be mobile friendly and run on your cell phone as well as it runs on a laptop. Using a consistent look and feel throughout the application, users will immediately understand how to reserve and review assignments.

Empowering Synagogues

Torah Readers offers an affordable, hosted solution for seamless Torah portion and davening assignment reservations. Let us handle the support, bandwidth, and safeguarding of your members' privacy and security, so you can focus on what matters most - your community and tradition. pricing has remained the same since its inception. We are proud that we can maintain stable and affordable pricing regardless of economy.

Torah Readers Annual Subscription


per Year
  • Setup Your reading Schedule
  • Sign up your members
  • Publish Reading Assignments
  • Manage Assignments
  • Produce Reports
  • "One Click" Reserve Assignment
  • Learn your Reading Assignment
Davening Module Subscription


per Year
  • Create "Menus" of Tefilla Assignments
  • Create Templates of various services
  • Publish Service and assignments
  • Manage and Track Assignments
  • Produce Reports of Assignments
  • Email Reminders of Assignments
  • One Click Reserve Assignment
Complete Tikkun Support


Included in all Subscriptions
  • Full Access to the Tikun
  • Access to All Recordings of the readings
  • Cross Highlighting of Texts
  • Follow Along with Recording
  • Upload recordings
  • Full Translation
  • Custom Color Coded Trope Patters


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you Support Custom Readings?

Ans: Yes. You can define any set of readings defined by Book, chapter and verse. Torah Readers will provide the correct Tikkun for the reading you define.

Question: Can you add or remove Aliyot?

Ans: Yes, with Torah Reeaders you can define a standard readings (Triennial or full) and add as many additional custom readings as you need and reorder them.

Question: Can I use Torah Readers to practice my reading?

Ans: Torah Readers includes a complete Tikkun layed out in traditional style with the full nikud and ta'amim oon one side and the Torah view on the other.

Question: Do you have reports?

Ans: Yes. Included with Torah Readers you have access to many different reports. I.e. Who read what and when, Top readers by date range, who read this reading in the past, and many more.

Question: Do you support Megilah readings?

Ans: Yes, Torah Readers enables an admin to define any Megilah reading, add in readings, remove readings and in short totally customize the megilah reading for their own specific needs..

Question: How secure is your system?

Ans: Torah Readers is very secure - only members that You approve, or are added by an admin will be able to access your account. We take security and the integrity of your data very seriously and perform daily backups of the data.

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