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Providing a secure and affordable hosted service to synagogues looking to manage Torah reading and davening (service) Assignments

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Torah Readers is a low cost, hosted web service that enables synagogue members to register and start reserving Torah portion readings.

By providing a hosted service, we take on the support, bandwidth overhead and most importantly; security and privacy of your members and your Institution.

  • Ease of Use

    Simple Interface!

    An easy to use and simple interface enables members to reserve readings with little know-how or training. Automation takes the scheduling headache out of the hands of synagogue staff.

  • Secure

    A Secure Place!

    Registration for the service is simple and secure - every member application is approved by an administrator - one you choose from your organization.

  • Daven

    Increase Service participation

    Make lay led parts of the service available for your members to reserve. Build templates for different services so you can quickly publish a service.

  • Communicate

    Stay in touch

    Emails and system notifications make sure that your members know when they have a scheduled assignment coming up. Email all your members directly from the system.

Torah Readers provides synagogues with the ability to define a parasha reading either for Shabbat, Holidays or weekday services. It's simple yet very powerful interface allows both Administrators and members to immediately understand how to use the system with out any training.

Everything the member needs to understand what readings are available and when is there on one page. Easily see which Parasha has available reading slots.

A Flexible System

Torah readers is a very flexible system supporting all possible reading scenarios. Define readings for full Kriyah or Triennial. Admins can add or subtract aliyot from the standard and define different readings.  Pre-assign specific readings to members. Define readings for Holidays, fast days and all special occasions.

System generated reports and charts show who has read what and when, who are your top readers, who is a first time reader. Members can review their past readings and track progress.

This system removes the overhead of managing schedules of readers.

Learn to Chant Torah

With Torah Readers Tikun Teacher, you can easilly learn to chant your Torah Portions. With both views, The Torah view and a view with vowles, punctuation and Ta'amim (notes), you can easilly practice your reading.

Full recordings are available and even include a "Follow Along" feature whereby the word that is currently being played is highlighted on both sides of the text.

Secure and Modern

The security of your data is our top priority. We go to extremes to make sure that the data entered into Torah Readers is never shared with any third party. All users of the system have to be approved by an administrator prior to being granted access to the system. Our cloud based system uses the most up-to-date security protocols.

Torah readers was built from the ground up to be mobile friendly and run on your cell phone as well as it runs on a laptop. Using a consistent look and feel throughout the application, users will immediately understand how to reserve and review assignments.

Schedule Davening Assignments

Do you make parts of the service available for your members to lead? Do you you have a schedule for members to deliver sermons? This module enables you to build a list of assignments in the service that can either be assigned to specific members or members can freely signup to lead.Enable your lay members to take an active part in the service by leading davening, reciting kiddush or delivering a sermon.

Build Templates

Build Templates that contain the possible assignments for each service - quickly reuse a template for scheduling a service. Members receive notifications and reminders of their up coming assignment.

Torah Readers Annual Subscription


per Year
  • Setup Your reading Schedule
  • Sign up your members
  • Publish Reading Assignments
  • Manage Assignments
  • Produce Reports
  • "One Click" Reserve Assignment
  • Learn your Reading Assignment
Davening Module Subscription


per Year
  • Create "Menus" of Tefilla Assignments
  • Create Templates of various services
  • Publish Service and assignments
  • Manage and Track Assignments
  • Produce Reports of Assignments
  • Email Reminders of Assignments
  • One Click Reserve Assignment
Tikun Teacher Subscription


For 6 Months
  • Full Access to the Tikun
  • Access to All Recordings of the readings
  • Cross Highlighting of Texts
  • Follow Along with Recording
  • Trope Teacher
  • Full Translation
  • Color Coded Trope Patters

How to Use Torah Readers

Torah Readers Administration

Torah Readers Davening Module (Schedule Services and enable participation)

Using the Prayer for the Sick List (Mi Sheberach List)

Logging in Torah Readers and Troubleshooting Login Problems

Using the Tikkun to learn to Chant your Portion

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