Providing a secure and affordable hosted service to synagogues looking to manage Torah reading schedules

About Torah Readers Net

Torah Readers Net is a low cost, hosted web service that enables synagogue members to register and start reserving Torah portion readings. By providing a hosted service, we take on the support, bandwidth overhead and most importantly; security and privacy of your members and your Institution.


Our Model - Security & Simplicity

An easy to use and simple interface enables members to reserve readings with little know-how or training. Automation takes the scheduling headache out of the hands of synagogue staff. Registration for the service is simple and secure - every member application is approved by an administrator - one you choose from your organization.

Peace of Mind


Administration and Configuration

Torah Readers Net enables synagogue administrators to configure the behavior and many options of the site - and build an experience that is customized to meet your synagogue's specific requirements. Customize the look and feel of the site - add your own images and logos.


How it all works

Torah Readers Net is a simple to use application that enables pre-registered members to reserve Parasha readings. By incorporating a simple user interface with security and flexibility, Torah Readers net provides synagogues with an interface configured to their own requirements.

My upcoming and past Readings.

Affordable Value

For a one time set-up fee of $750 your temple will receive the following package:
  • Customization of the site to include your synagogue's name, logo,and even a special name you can choose for this program.
  • Add customized photos or cover photos for the front page.
  • We do the testing to make sure the site is up and running up to your specifications.
  • This is hosted Off-site, in a cloud based server application environment. This means, there is no space used on your organizations server.
  • Email capabilities directly from the site, including Mailing list management
  • Access to Tikun (in PDF format) for every parasha
  • Administration Console
  • Customized reports and statistics
  • Management of scheduled Parshiot based on both Triennial and full readings
  • Personalized initial tutorial to launch the site.

Upcoming readings.

A Hosted Service

As a hosted service Torah Readers net guarantees the security of the application and the ongoing maintenance. Annual licensing charges are based upon the amount of users registered on your site. For instance:
Users Annual licensing charge
0 - 40 users $39.99 a month or $479.88 per year
41 - 90 users $47.98 a month or $575.00 per year
91 - 150 users $57.56 a month or $691.00 per year
(a 10% discount is provided for organizations wishing to pay the ALC in one installment).

Reading Reservation.

Configurable and Customizable

While The Torah Readers Net Application has many admin configuration options available, it can also be customized to meet your Organization's specific requirements. Each customization above and beyond the provided functionality of the application is quoted as a separate services project. Our services team will work with you to implement your specific requirements into your Torah Readers site.

Contact Us

Have we peeked your interest in our service? Got a question? Feel free to contact us, we promise to get back to you ASAP!